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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hmmm....So I wonder....has ETSY ever been cause for divorce yet?

As I sit here, tired and groggy-eyed, due to staying up waaaaay past my bedtime last night in order to hang out in an Etsy thread (and all of you who do it also know just what I'm talking about!) I can't help but feel a LITTLE...just a little...guilty for ignoring my better half last night.

I try to do my best to 'incorporate' him during my Etsy-time when he's home. I'll bring the laptop to the Living Room or the Kitchen, where ever he's 'hanging out' for a bit. I show him new listings, who some of my friends there are, even the 'behind the scenes' of how it all works...but his interest let's just say...leaves a little to be desired. I suppose to him it's one step beyond bringing/answering your cell phone at dinner.

So I have to choose. Do I sit there and continue on my merry Etsyway and endure the continuous, monotonous naggings of "Are you almost done?", "Haven't you been on there long enough?" and the ever popular "You're not going to be on there ALL NIGHT are you?!" OR do I leave my laptop on the desk...wondering what new beauties are being listed, what crazy conversations are going on without me, what if somebody has sent me a convo?!....what if I SOLD something??...WAIT, I just thought of a new sale!, a new thread post!, I have to leave feedback!!!!!.................


"Nay"...Nay I say.

I loves muh Etsy....and I'm there to stay!

(sorry honey, I'll hang with you....another day)


Anonymous said...

lol, I don't have a husband yet, but I have the same problem with my family. They do and say the exact same thing and it pains me when I have to choose.

But since you chose Etsy, at least for today, I will too! See you around Pixie! :)

Monika's Gifts Galore said...

Times like those are when my hubby goes and plays his X Box lol, he's kinda gotten use to me being on here for hours now and it gives us alone time to do what we want for ourselves lol

BrigaBauble said...

Think of it this way--at least it's Etsy and not online gambling or Internet porn! LOL