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Friday, May 1, 2009

ahhh--- a new day!

I LOVE this picture I took from my back yard last year. I actually sold a print of it out of my TheWoodyNook shop!
We have a little patch of woods there and this tree always seems so 'magical' to me with all the ivy growing up the trunk.....

I can't wait for all the rainy, yucky days to be over. And we've had some crazy lookin weather lately! I took this one from my back deck just a few days ago. Scarey how dark it was under the clouds, but yet how blue the sky was above them...what is this world coming to? LOL
Mother Nature has to be very stressed trying to keep a balance to everything ;-)I like THESE kind of days much better....Mother Nature was on top of her game this day LOL

And here's a little discovery hubby and I made the other day. We'd cleaned out a closet and removed one of the little shelving units we had in there. Not really knowing what to do with it at the time, we just popped it outside on the deck and well..kinda forgot about it actually!
No worries...somebody found a use for it.
Take a gander at our "Fine Feather High Rise" LOL
Wonder what would be acceptable to ask for rent?
This one has some squatters!! LOL


Rose said...

Oh my gosh Pix how cute! You should put a little sign out there that says "Birdy Bed and Breakfast" heheehe...

Linda said...

That is amazing, how wonderful!

blueberrycream said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I love taking photos too!