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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Workin 9-5

During the past week or so, while promoting my new line of Promotional Products, I've spent a GREAT deal of time on the computer. Making new connections on Etsy, networking, taking orders, answering questions, designing items and layouts, emailing my printer....WHEW! It's a LOT of work!
And whereas I'm loving every minute of it...with it being very time consuming...my husband does not.

He seems to think that I should establish actual "Business Hours of Operation" and when quitting time comes....QUIT for the day. LOL
I keep trying to tell him that it doesn't quite work that way! Especially when you're a one-man-show and your success/failure rides solely on YOU!
Plus, I'm always home unless running to the Post Office. So it's not like I'm NOT here to talk to him, fix dinner, keep the house clean...and if we have plans or want to do something, I'm always present.

Funny how when the nice weather rolls in and HE gets busy with HIS Home Business of Excavation/Hauling. He doesn't seem to see the problem with spending every second of his waking day working both his day job AND running his own business-never being home, not here for dinner, always on the phone, giving quotes, taking jobs...run-run-run!


Hmmm.....Wonder what he would tell ME if I suggested HE instate
"Actual Hours of Business Operation"??